[IMS Post.Doc Recruiting]
2020.12.15 16:55
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[Introducing our laboratory]

Research at intelligent manufacturing systems (IMS) laboratory covers a diverse range of topics using 3D cell-printing technology. Such topics include fabricating pre-tissues targeted for tissue/organ regeneration or producing in vitro artificial tissue/organ platforms for testing new drugs or studying drug mechanisms. A key focus is on leveraging the biochemical and physical features of tissue specific bioink to emulating the tissues structures and functions at their native state.


We are looking for post-doctors with the following details:

[Recruitment type]

-       Researcher (1 person)

[Applicant qualifications]

-       Has a minimum degree of Ph.D. or is a prospective graduate by first half of the year 2021

-       Is qualified in traveling abroad

-       Has English communication skills

[Preferred research experience]

-       Expertise in in vitro cell experiments, especially on neuronal cells

-       Experience in in vivo / in vitro electrical stimulation related research

-       Experience in in vivo device implantation

[Required documents]

Prospective applicants should submit the following documents via email:

A resume, a cover letter, a recommendation(s), a list of published papers/abstract, degree verification document

[Contact information]

Mihyeon Bae (recruiting staff), bmh0627@postech.ac.kr, 82-10-5013-1174 (phone)

[Work conditions]

-       Salary: To be decided upon discussion

-       Work hours: Full time


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