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ㆍCategory · Int. Journal
ㆍSubject · Tissue Engineering
ㆍTitle · Muscle-derived extracellular matrix on sinusoidal wavy surfaces synergistically promotes myogenic differentiation and maturation
ㆍAuthor · Yeong-Jin Choi,§, Sung Jea Park,§, Hee-Gyeong Yi, Hyungseok Lee, Dong Sung Kim,*, Dong-Woo Cho,*
ㆍJournal title · Journal of Materials Chemistry B
ㆍPublication date · 2018년 8월
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ㆍAbstract · The generation of physiologically aligned multinucleated myotubes is critical in the fabrication of functional engineered skeletal muscle. Although micro-/nano-topographical contact guidance, such as groove/ridge structures, has induced the alignment of m
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