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ㆍCategory · Int. Journal
ㆍSubject · Tissue Engineering
ㆍTitle · Tissue Engineered Bio-Blood-Vessels Constructed Using a Tissue-Specific Bioink and 3D Coaxial Cell Printing Technique: A Novel Therapy for Ischemic Disease
ㆍAuthor · Ge Gao, Jun Hee Lee, Jinah Jang, Dong Han Lee, Jeong-Sik Kong, Byoung Soo Kim, Yeong-Jin Choi, Woong Bi Jang, Young Joon Hong, Sang-Mo Kwon, Dong-Woo Cho
ㆍJournal title · Advanced Functional Materials
ㆍPublication date · 2017년 7월
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ㆍAbstract · Endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) are a promising cell source for the treatment of several ischemic diseases for their potentials in neovascularization. However, the application of EPCs in cell-based therapy has shown low therapeutic efficacy due to hos
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