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ㆍCategory · Int. Journal
ㆍSubject · Tissue Engineering
ㆍTitle · A comparative study on collagen type I and hyaluronic acid dependent cell behaviors for osteochondral tissue bioprinting
ㆍAuthor · Ju Young Park, Jong-Cheol Choi, Jin-Hyung Shim, Jung-Seob Lee, Hyoungjun Park, Sung Won Kim, Junsang Doh, Dong-Woo Cho
ㆍJournal title · Biofabrication
ㆍPublication date · 2014년 4월
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ㆍAbstract · Bioprinting is a promising technique for engineering composite tissues, such as osteochondral tissues. In this study, as a first step toward bioprinting-based osteochondral tissue regeneration, we systematically examined behaviors of chondrocytes and oste
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