Intelligent Manufacturing
Systems Lab.

Tissue engineering, MSTL, pMSTL, NSTL, MHDS, Bioreactor

포항공과대학교 지능생산시스템연구실

Intelligent manufacturing systems (IMS) laboratory was founded as one of the early laboratories in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the same time of POSTECH's birth (1986).
[IMS Post.Doc Recruiting]
[IMS Post.Doc 채용공고]
‘방사선 식도염’ 치료길 …
2020.06: Seminar/ group meetin…
   - Minjun Ahn
2019 IMS Lab Seminar
Recent Strategies in Extrusion-based 3D Cell Print…
Muscle-derived extracellular matrix on sinusoidal …
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