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ㆍCategory · Int. Journal
ㆍSubject · Tissue Engineering
ㆍTitle · Soft Tissue Reconstruction: Flexible Adipose‐Vascular Tissue Assembly Using Combinational 3D Printing for Volume‐Stable Soft Tissue Reconstruction
ㆍAuthor · Won‐Woo Cho, Byoung Soo Kim, Minjun Ahn, Yeon Hee Ryu, Dong‐Heon Ha, Jeong Sik Kong, Jong‐Won Rhie, Dong‐Woo Cho
ㆍJournal title · Advanced Healthcare Materials
ㆍPublication date · 2021년 3월
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ㆍAbstract · A new concept, assembling cell‐laden tissue modules, is for the first time proposed for soft tissue engineering. Adipose‐vascular tissue modules composed of a synthetic polymer‐based substructure and customized bioinks using planar 3D ce
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